As we have built a platform flexible enough for your company’s needs, we are capable of providing various customized solutions.


Help People In A More Personalized Way

Our world is getting increasingly complex, and as a result anxiety and mental diseases are on the rise. For many people, mental healthcare is still very expensive, or they don’t know where to get assistance. EMOS could help bring advanced therapies to everyone through empathetic technology.

If you work in the field of health care, EMOS can help you…

  • Create accessible personalized treatment for everyone
  • Provide better diagnosis of mental disease through emotion detection
  • Humanize patient-technology interactions by understandingpatients’ emotional state


Bring Emotions Into The Equation

The world of finance is becoming more and more digital, and the amount of data to process increases everyday. Making sense of this big data is of extreme importance, as financial firms need to stay on top of trends to remain competitive. By introducing a whole new layer of analytics through sentiment and emotion recognition, EMOS allows for better prediction and personalization for financial services.

If you are in the financial industry, EMOS can help you…

  • Predict market trends and product sales through sentiment analysis
  • Reduce customer service cost and predict customers’ future needs
  • Bring personalized financial assistants to the market


Enable A More Personalized And Empathetic Experience

As competition becomes more and more severe in the IoT industry, especially in the Smart Home category, it is becoming increasingly important for Smart Home products to provide convincing solutions. With EMOS, you can have a comprehensive understanding on consumers’ behavior and intent.

If you are making smart devices, EMOS can help you…

  • Design truly great experiences for your products
  • Understand users’ behavior and intentions in a more accurate way
  • Create attachment to your products


Advance Customer Service, Improve Loyalty

Consumers today expect instant solutions to their problems, as well as a consistent experience at every touchpoint of their consumer journey. EMOS’ empathetic AI optimizes the customer service experience to enhance customer loyalty to the next level.

If you want to improve your customer service experience, EMOS can help you…

  • Improve efficiency by reducing waiting time & resolution time
  • Personalize customer service at big scale
  • Boost loyalty with more happy customers


Shine Through Your Retail Experience

Rapid disruption of the digital world is completely revolutionizing the business model for retail. Today, it is more and more difficult to predict consumer behavior, understand their needs, and maintain their satisfaction in the customer experience. EMOS enables you to deliver the ultimate shopping experience by giving you insights on your consumers in order to enhance your engagement with them and earn their loyalty.

If you are in retail, EMOS can help you…

  • Understand what people like & dislike in the shopping experience
  • Improve the shopping experience with empathetic technology in stores
  • Analyze user reviews & video reviews at large scale
    to generate the right insights


Build A More Efficient Organization

With latest advances in technology, the human resources field is also evolving to a new era. EMOS helps you transition to this next stage, whether you are trying to hire best talents, or to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the human management process.

If you are in human resources, EMOS can help you…

  • Smoothen and accelerate the recruitment process
  • Reduce human bias during important decisions such as hiring
  • Develop a better understanding of your employees

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