We carry out cutting edge research in Empathetic Conversational AI to provide state-of-the-art APIs on an industry-friendly platform.

Affect, Personality and Stress Recognition

A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) framework for real time, multimodal affect, personality and stress recognition

Empathetic Conversational AI

End-to-end Neural conversational AI with empathy in the Transformers framework as well as frame-based, modular systems

Question Answering

Neutral QA system and neural abstractive summarization

Multilingual Speech Recognition

Using multilingual representations for multilingual and mixed-code end-to-end speech recognition


We provide Empathetic Conversational APIs that include emotion recognition and sentiment analysis from voice, language and facial expressions for developers. We also provide the EMOS.AI platform for developers to design and quickly implement comprehensive conversational AI solutions to integrate Empathetic Conversational AI into your applications. Our API currently features requests for facial expressions, audio and text emotions, personality, sentiment and stress recognition.

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